I know I’m a little late in posting this. So, two random quotes to start things off:

“Better is the enemy of good enough.” - Sergey Gorshkov
“Good enough is the enemy of the great.” – Anonsage

Though I wrote both of these seemingly opposite quotes, I tend to lean towards the first one for business ideals and I slightly lean towards the later quote for schooling/learning purposes. There are usually multiple ways to look at things.

Without further ado, besides this transition sentence, here’s the list:

  1. More e-commerce, less retail stores. E-commerce stores have less overhead than traditional retailers because they have less employees and they don’t have as much physical constraints; They can optimize their inventory space much better because they aren’t worried about customers walking through. With lower prices and more people having smartphones while shopping and Google is having plans on making a service like Amazon Prime available to everyone..

  2. QR code phishing attacks. Consumers have no idea where QR codes will actually take them because it looks like random dots in a square. So, not-so-good hackers can put a sticker on a physical QR promotional advertisement. Or they could make an useful plugin with a hidden agenda that switches out QR codes online. One prevention created in 2012 will be decoding the QR code before continuing.

  3. States legalizing medical marijuana to help with education expenses and federal deficits. Three states legalized medical marijuana 2010 and one more in 2011. With a large debt, this is even more of possibility now.

  4. More interactive online education. Khan Academy and MITx (starting Fall 2012) will become mainstream. We saw evidence of this with Stanford’s free classes with hundred of thousands of participants from all over the world.

  5. GPU computing will become even more popular. The parallel computing capabilities of Nvidia and OpenCL are much further evolved than CPU computing. And they will only leave CPUs in the dust because require less power also.

  6. The world is not going to end in 2012. I’ll bet anybody $100 that I’m right.

QR codes, good or evil?

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