In the past two months I have,

  • finished my third year at the University of South Florida (USF)
  • Finished creating an mp3 player/recorder on a Xilinx FPGA board
  • Put together a 119-page Design Automation/CMOS report.

  • Created another Android app (CrossTrain)
  • Pushed a major update to another Android app (Simply Advanced Unit Converter)
  • Got into Windows programming
  • Created a Windows 8 Metro app
  • Created three (3) Windows Phone 7 apps, each very extensible
  • Won a free HTC HD7S running WP7 at a Windows hackathon

  • Played the arcade game, “Keymaster” at FunSpot in Orlando and won a new iPad 3! =D
  • And probably some more stuff

I say, excuses are good. As long as they are productive or (fun & creative).

~ Simply Advanced ~

ps – Oh yeah, old blog, new updates, all random, focuses on nothing: