Ever needed to prefix many variable names? Here’s the solution.

Watch part of this short video real quick to see what the following code is used for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQJHFKaLje4

So, what’s happening in the video? I recently had a long list of variables, and using a simple key command, I add a prefix to the variable names and capitalize the entire variable name as a best practice, because it is a constant. For all of the work shown on-screen, I only used a simple key command over and over. Here’s the entire AutoHotKey code that I used.

; Add prefix and capitalize work
    Sleep, 300
    ;; Double-click
	MouseGetPos X,Y
	Send {Click  %A_CaretX%,%A_CaretY% 2}
	MouseMove (X),(Y)
    Sleep, 20
    ; Go to left of word
    Send {Shift Down}{Ctrl Down}x{Ctrl Up}{Shift Up}{Left}
    ; Add prefix
    Send TAG_{Down}

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Danial Goodwin -
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