By yourself, I would say ‘no.’ But, with a little outside help, anybody with a SMS capable phone can easy keep track of any data in their life, like expenses, weight, gas mileage, or even steps walked. I recently found out about a service called AskMeEvery which sends a text message everyday asking you any question of your imagination.

When using this service, you’ll never have to write down anything; Just reply to the texts with a number. And when you log in to the site you will be shown a beautiful graph of your data that also has the option of exporting and clearing your data.

Use this as a motivation technique to get you at least thinking about running every day. You can setup the text to come at any time of the day or night.

I currently use this service to keep track of how many miles I run each day, and how many hours I read each day. You will need an additional phone number to have another question. There is a current limit of one question per phone number. One way around this is to get a free Google Voice number and have it forward all texts to your current number.

Does anybody else know of any services like this? I’d be happy to try them.

AskMeEvery - How Many Miles Did You Run Today?

As you can see, I ran 3 miles on 2 January 2012 and 0 miles on 3 January 2012.