I thought VLC Media Player was just an awesome application that played every type of video and audio files, but there is more to the program than many people know. I found out recently that another really cool thing VLC can do is play audio AND videos faster or slower. This method only applies to files that you have stored locally. In order to download videos click here.

When you start playing your media, look at the very bottom-right of the program. Click on “1.00x” and move the slider to the speed that you want. I find that 1.5x is generally a good speed to play the audio and videos files while still being able to understand them.

VLC Media Player

How to Play Videos Faster

*And as a small side note, Windows Media Player could also be used. When you have the video or audio loaded in the player, right-click, choose Enhancements, then choose “Play speed settings.” There will be a small pop-up, and you can change the speed to wherever you feel most comfortable getting things done faster.

If you know of any more programs like these, then please let me know!