It took at least 5-10 minutes for me to find the new Google Play Game Services. And for half that time I knew exactly what it was called. So, the purpose of this post is to describe exactly what Google’s newest feature is and to provide an easy link for others to find it. I am also partially helping to build my site and Google’s SEO for the query “Google Play Game Services”. There are still many news articles near the top of the search query and none of them actually point to the official link like I do.

What is Google Play Game Services?

This is a new service that was introduced at Google IO 2013. It allows an easy creation and integration of different game features that includes: leaderboards, cloud save, multiplayer games (up to 4 simultaneously, currently), Google+ integration, and achievements.

Google currently provides instructions for getting started with Android, iOS, and web. There are links to the quick start guides in the link below. Whenever I create time to use the new game services, I will create more posts explaining them, of course.

The official page for Google Play Game Services.