During the session, the speakers talked about how to convert an Android app to a BlackBerry compatible version. Here’s some quick notes that I took during the session:

Easy to use Android runtime on BlackBerry BlackBerry 10.2 and 10.1 roadmap Open source Android 2.3.3 Apps are indistinguishable from native apps. Repackaging an android app can take as little as two minutes. Update runtime scheduled for the future. Moving to jellybean 4.2.2 in the future. 10.2 Beta released in June. Full release in August. Automatically integrates with BlackBerry 10.2 Gestures have been incorporated into the runtime. About 70% are currently compatible. Not all android apis are supported. Can only be used on the personal perimeter. Still download able through BlackBerry world. Maps API not supported. Recommends webview. Open Street Maps supported. Repackage APK to BAR format. Online packager available at BlackBerry developer site. Runs on the browser. Use the BlackBerry simulator to test apps. Should be able to call an outside email client, dialer, or calender without any issues.

Bottom line: nothing extra is required to port to BlackBerry. Runs Android natively. Just requires submission to BlackBerry World.