For the past two weeks, I have been in a serious coding mode. I barely read any of my daily or weekly new feeds and that created lots of time to write code for my Android app (which just had a huge update with a code rebase).

So, I was going to write some quick walkthroughs on how to use the many different APIs I’ve learned how to use for the first time. But, instead I’m going to provide a list here, and anybody that emails me regarding this post, then I will create a walkthrough/tutorial specifically for them.

Here are the Android topics that I’ve learned recently and are still very fresh on my mind:
 - Fragments
   - DialogFragments
   - FragmentActivity
 - TreeMap: Great data structure like a set that keeps keys sorted (
   - TreeMap to Array

APIs Refreshed in my mind:
 - AsyncTask
 - AlertDialog

 - I was using the DecimalFormatter to format values to certain amount of decimal places so that trailing zeros weren’t removed. But, for some reason they still were. I figured out that the String a DecimalFormatter returns does the correct thing, but converting it to a double, then back to a String causes the trailing zeros to disappear.

So, all of the above features/topics/APIs I’ve added to the newest addition of my Simply Advanced Unit Converter. And if you, the reader, would like to see a tutorial or walkthrough about ANY of the above topics, then I be glad to do so. You should be able to find me on Google+, and be sure to mention this post. =]